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Interoperability Middleware For Healthcare System

An easy to use, patient centered, user friendly Medical Record Information Exchange Platform

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What is PREG?

This is one stop center for all Medical Record Systems. Through PREG API Medical Records System can exchange Information back-and-forth without compromising patient privacy.


Doctors video consultation

Delivery of healthcare services where distance is a critical factor, by all healthcare professionals using ICT. To deliver specialized medical care and advice within reach of the patients at distant places.


Medical records exchange

Ability for Healthcare technology systems and devices to exchange, interpret, and store patients medical records using common standards. This ensures on time delivery of data and information without compromising on data flow cocnsistency.


Cost effectiveness

There is stress on IT department that they might not have expertise and bandwidth to share information and data accross different systems. That being said, this often results in delays in the deployment of information systems. However, the combination of digitalization and interoperability will reduce the need for paper work hence improve cost effectiveness of the operations


Better patients care

Delivery of correct data at the right time that eventually improves decision making and even more a decison support system that delivers crucial information for improving healthcare outcomes.


Improved public health data

With the standardisation of interoperability accross healthcare systems, there wont be chances of disparity. In addtion it will help stakeholders recieve an accurate and translucent image of public health situation. That being said, the data interpretation can result in better public health recomendations.


The Right to Privacy of Your Data

Sharing of your information is conducted after your approval

Restrict Information sharing at any time.

Your information is not shared to unauthorized hospitals

Request the copy of the information shared.

Direct Conversation with Our Specialists.

Connected with Major Hospitals.

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Integrated with SMS APIs for Request Approvals

Data sharing is only possible if the patient approves the request through One Time Password mechanism. We have integrated with various Mobile Operators through their SMS gateways to enhance easy notifications via SMS.

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Cloud Based API service

No need to install anything unto your Machine/PC. It all runs on the Cloud using SaaS Model (Software as a Service). Get up and running in no time.

Hussle free integration with other systems

Superb Technical Assistance from our Experts

Works with various data sharing formats (Json/XML)

Expressive API with easy to follow documentation

Supports various programming languages and related technologies.

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